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Name Department/OfficeExtRoomEmail
, Anton Institute of Hotel Management & Tourism ----- -----  *** See Abu Jaber, Anton *** 
, Margaret Education ----- -----  *** See Younan, Margaret *** 
Abdel Nour, Kareem Business Administration 2448 M-109  knour@bethlehem.edu 
Abdel Nour, Rania Institute of Hotel Management & Tourism 2246/2245 D-015  rnour@bethlehem.edu 
Abed Al-Nabi, Omar Gardeners 2472    
Abed Rabbo, Alfred Chemistry 2284 S-308  abedrabo@bethlehem.edu 
Abed Rabbo, Ihab Maintenance 2472   iabedrabbo@bethlehem.edu 
Abed Rabbo, Jamal Plant Personnel 2020/2021 L-107  jabedrabbo@bethlehem.edu 
Abed Rabbo, Lina Arabic/Social Sciences 2264 D-208  linaa@bethlehem.edu 
Abed Rabbo, Omran Business and Contracts Unit 2051 E-004   
Abed Rabo, Omar Humanities 2355 M-407  oabedrabo@bethlehem.edu 
Abu Abara, Nariman Office of Human Resources 2309 D-110  narimana@bethlehem.edu 
Abu Ahour, Nidal Cleaners 2472    
Abu Al-Zelof, Victoria MICAD 2427 D-119  vzelof@bethlehem.edu 
Abu Ali, Naji Nursing & Health Sciences 2209 B-121  najia@bethlehem.edu 
Abu Amsha, Jena Zurub Teachers Resource Center 2201 B-7  jamsha@bethlehem.edu 
Abu Amsha, Jihad Office of Human Resources 2493 D-110  jihada@bethlehem.edu 
Abu Awad, Issa Office of the Assistant VP for Information Technology 2041 S-200e  iabuawad@bethlehem.edu 
Abu Ayyash, Mohammed Mathematics 2282 S-202  mayyash@bethlehem.edu 
Abu Dayyeh, Imad English 2366 M-310  idayyeh@bethlehem.edu 
Abu Eid, Abdallah Business Administration 2450 M-205  aabueid@bethlehem.edu 
Abu Farha, Maheera Dean of Research Office 2354 D-220  mfarha@bethlehem.edu 
Abu Farha, Shahinda Development Office - Bethlehem ----- -----  *** See Nassar, Shahinda *** 
Abu Jaber, Anton Institute of Hotel Management & Tourism 2227 D-017  antonj@bethlehem.edu 
Abu Jaber, Laurette Institute of Hotel Management & Tourism 2227 D-017   
Abu Manneh, Jeries Security Guards 2020    
Abu Mohor, Aida Education 2029 E-201  amohor@bethlehem.edu 
Abu Mohor, Minerva Office of the Assistant VP for Information Technology 2499 L-005a  mhisnat@bethlehem.edu 
Abu Ni'meh, Hekmat Cleaners 2472    
Abu Rayyan, Amal Hereditary Research Laboratory 2380 S-106  amalr@bethlehem.edu 
Abu Sa'ada, Christine Office of Human Resources D-112  csaada@bethlehem.edu 
Abu Saad, Nader Computer Information Systems 2310 S-05  nabusaad@bethlehem.edu 
AbuInjelah, Basma Cleaners 2472    
Aburdene, Hekmat Clinic 2454 B-209Clinic  hikmata@bethlehem.edu 
Adawi, Yousef Education 2034 E-201  yadawi@bethlehem.edu 
Adwan, Laura(Fatima) Social Sciences 2315 D-119  ladwan@bethlehem.edu 
Aiesh, Ala'a Cleaners 2472    
Al Hazin, Elias Education 2035 E-204  eliash@bethlehem.edu 
Al Sayeh, Sami English 2379 M-210  ssayeh@bethlehem.edu 
Al Selwadi, Marsail Business Administration 2443 M-206  mselwadi@bethlehem.edu 
Al Tamimi, Hashem Computer Information Systems 2279 S-05  htamimi@bethlehem.edu 
Al Zagharneh, Mohammad Yasser Arabic 2299 D-123  mzagharneh@bethlehem.edu 
Al-Ali, George Business and Contracts Unit 2260 D-217f  gali@bethlehem.edu 
Al-Ali, Manar Nursing & Health Sciences 2200 B-113  mali@bethlehem.edu 
Al-Arja, Nahida Social Sciences 2256 D-200f  narja@bethlehem.edu 
Al-Atrash, Nubogh Mathematics 2319 S-203  nuboghq@bethlehem.edu 
Al-Awawdeh, Zein Al-Abideen Arabic 2252 D-206  zeina@bethlehem.edu 
Al-Badarin, Mumen Arabic 2305 D-201  mumenb@bethlehem.edu 
Al-Bandak, Tamer Business Administration 2443 M-206  tbandak@bethlehem.edu 
Al-Fasfous, Fayez Education 2008 E-102  ffasfous@bethlehem.edu 
Al-Issa, Ferdoos Social Sciences 2302 D-200e  falissa@bethlehem.edu 
Al-Juneidi, Nidal Office of the Assistant VP for Information Technology 2127 C-214  njuneidi@bethlehem.edu 
Al-Khatib, Areej Biotechnology 2280 S-309  akhatib@bethlehem.edu 
Al-qaisi, Ghassan Security Guards 2741181 Mount David   
Al-Qasasfeh, Mai English ----- -----  *** See Nassar, Mai *** 
Al-Waheidat, Ammar Education 2034 E-201  ammarw@bethlehem.edu 
Al-Yatim, Ghassan Institute of Hotel Management & Tourism 2213 D-122  ghassana@bethlehem.edu 
Alawi, Hiam Education 2027 E-205  hiama@bethlehem.edu 
Alhadweh, Mary Business Administration 2443 M-206  mhadweh@bethlehem.edu 
Alkhatib, Sallam Nursing & Health Sciences 2010 B-004  salkhatib@bethlehem.edu 
Almuhtaseb, Taghreed Arabic 2299 D-123  tmuhtaseb@bethlehem.edu 
Amacanin, Sr. Rosalinda Library 2426 L-401  rosea@bethlehem.edu 
Amala, Isra' UNESCO Biotechnology Center 2224 S-207  iamala@bethlehem.edu 
Amro, Akram Nursing & Health Sciences 2433 B-002  aamro@bethlehem.edu 
Anastas, Saeed Business and Contracts Unit 2051 E-004  sanastas@bethlehem.edu 
Anastas, Youil Office of Finances 2238 D-217e  yanastas@bethlehem.edu 
Araj, Huda Cleaners 2472   haraj@bethlehem.edu 
Araj, Samar Education/Athletics ----- -----  *** See Mousa, Samar *** 
Asakra, Ibrahim Institute of Hotel Management & Tourism 2288 HM  iasakra@bethlehem.edu 
Atallah, Walid Humanities 2339 M-410  watallah@bethlehem.edu 
Atiyha, Ahmad Physics 2306 S-02  aatiyha@bethlehem.edu 
Atrash, Amani Office of the Dean of Students 2231 D-101  amusleh@bethlehem.edu 
Awad, Diala Office of Finances 2432 D-217  dialab@bethlehem.edu 
Awad, Mariam Nursing & Health Sciences 2208 B-116  mawad@bethlehem.edu 
Awad, Michel Institute of Hotel Management & Tourism 2213 D-122  michaela@bethlehem.edu 
Awad, Salam Nursing & Health Sciences 2209 B-121  salame@bethlehem.edu 
Awawdeh, Zein Al-Abideen Arabic ----- -----  *** See Al-Awawdeh, Zein Al-Abideen *** 
Awwad, Demitri Alumni Relations, Guest Realtions, and External Relations 2325 C-213a  demitria@bethlehem.edu 
Ayyad, Raed Athletics 2290 C-115   
Ayyad, Said Arabic 2249 D-203  sayyad@bethlehem.edu 
Baboun, Jenny Library ----- -----  *** See Hodali, Jenny *** 
Badarin, Mumen Arabic ----- -----  *** See Al-Badarin, Mumen *** 
Badawi, Ali Security Guards 2020    
Badawi, Ibrahim Cleaners 2472   ibadawi@bethlehem.edu 
Bandak, Ibrahim Institute for Community Partnership - Sub Contract 2743881 MA-409  ibandak@bethlehem.edu 
Bandak, Juhaina Chemistry ----- **Study Leave**  jbandak@bethlehem.edu 
Bandak, Maha Clinic 2454 B-209Clinic  mbandak@bethlehem.edu 
Banishamsa, Ziyad Arabic 2300 D-201  ziyadb@bethlehem.edu 
Bannoura, Diala Office of Finances ----- -----  *** See Awad, Diala *** 
Bannoura, Firial Chemistry 2286 S-307  fbanoura@bethlehem.edu 
Bannoura, Fouad Chemistry 2286 S-307  fouadb@bethlehem.edu 
Bany Shamsa, Nadia 2755160 Br.Vincent C.  nbshamsa@bethlehem.edu 
Bassous, Johnny Computer Information Systems 2270 S-206  jbassous@bethlehem.edu 
Bassous, Sandy Finance & Accounting Unit 2226 D-217a  sbassous@bethlehem.edu 
Bear, Elizabeth English 2392 M-310  ebear@bethlehem.edu 
Bhais, Jihad Nursing & Health Sciences  B-004  jbhais@bethlehem.edu 
Bisceglia, Luigi MICAD 2427 D-107  luigib@bethlehem.edu 
Bray, Br. Peter Office of the Vice Chancellor 2220 D-214  pbray@bethlehem.edu 
Breighith, Mahmoud Mathematics 2319 S-203  mahmoudb@bethlehem.edu 
Brodeth, Mellie Library 2024 L-103  library@bethlehem.edu 
Buttma, Hazem Cleaners 2472   hbutmeh@bethlehem.edu 
Calaor, Rebecca Library 2487 Garden Floor  rcalaor@bethlehem.edu 
Canavati, Christina Hereditary Research Laboratory 2380 S-106  ccanavati@bethlehem.edu 
Chaya, Br. Henry John Computer Information Systems 2281 S-204  hchaya@bethlehem.edu 
Chemali, Fr. Hicham Religious Studies/Office of the Vice Chancellor 2414 M-209  hchemali@bethlehem.edu 
Cobin, Sr. Siham/Raymonde Arabic 2259 D-201  rcobein@bethlehem.edu 
Costantini, Hassan Development Office - Bethlehem 2430 D-212a  hassanc@bethlehem.edu 
Crockford, Sr. Rhoda/Patricia Humanities 2343 C-205  pcrockfo@bethlehem.edu 
Crossley, Eric Development Office - North America  N. America  ecrossley@bethlehem.edu 
Da'amseh, Fadi Cleaners 2472    
Dabdoub, Rima English 2366 M-310  rimad@bethlehem.edu 
Daher, Suzanne Vine Nursing & Health Sciences 2205 B-006  sdhaher@bethlehem.edu 
Dali, Khader Security Guards 2020   kdali@bethlehem.edu 
Daoud, Christina English 2394 M-307  cqamar@bethlehem.edu 
Daoud, Francoise Nursing & Health Sciences 2202 B-112  fdaoud@bethlehem.edu 
Daoud, Philip Office of the Assistant VP for Information Technology 2312 L-003  pdaoud@bethlehem.edu 
Daoud, Said Humanities 2414 M-209  sdaoud@bethlehem.edu 
Daqaq, Nabila Social Sciences 2301 D-202  nabilad@bethlehem.edu 
Darissa, Omar Biology/Unknown 2224 S-207  odarissa@bethlehem.edu 
Darwish, Zaidoun Institute of Hotel Management & Tourism 2227 D-017  zdarwish@bethlehem.edu 
Deary, Br. Robert English 2347 M-409  rdeary@bethlehem.edu 
Deeik, George Business Administration 2443 M-206  gdeeik@bethlehem.edu 
Dieck, Rita Biology 2276/2221 S-102B  ritad@bethlehem.edu 
Doqmaq, Rita Education 2031 E-201  rdoqmaq@bethlehem.edu 
DuBrul, Fr. Peter Bonneville Religious Studies 2358 M-405  peterd@bethlehem.edu 
Dweib, Mohammed Nursing & Health Sciences 2010 B-004  mdweib@bethlehem.edu 
El-Mufdi, Nabil Institute of Hotel Management & Tourism 2245 D-018  nabilm@bethlehem.edu 
Elias, Enass Plant Personnel 2472 M-07  ebannoura@bethlehem.edu 
Elias, Muna Registrar's Office 2234 D-224  melias@bethlehem.edu 
Elias, Nancy Education 2046 E-305  nelias@bethlehem.edu 
Elyan, Fatima Education 2029 E-201  felyan@bethlehem.edu 
Emerezian, Frida Dean of Science Office 2258 S-201a  frida@bethlehem.edu 
Ewaina, Basima Cleaners 2472   bewaina@bethlehem.edu 
Fakhouri, Amal Nursing & Health Sciences 2210 B-120  amala@bethlehem.edu 
Faqih, Khalid Arabic 2299 D-123  kfaqih@bethlehem.edu 
Fasfous, Ahmed Social Sciences  D-200d  afasfous@bethlehem.edu 
Freij, Rula Registrar's Office 2234 D-224  rfreij@bethlehem.edu 
Gedeon, Rawan Computer Information Systems 2289 S-06  rawang@bethlehem.edu 
Ghabbash, Anan Nursing & Health Sciences 2205 B-006  anang@bethlehem.edu 
Ghabboun, Jamal Physics 2387 S-04  jamalg@bethlehem.edu 
Ghanem, Hamzeh Cleaners 2472    
Ghanem, Khalil Security Guards 2020   kghanem@bethlehem.edu 
Ghattas, Samar Humanities 2296 C-201  samarg@bethlehem.edu 
Ghawali, Azzam Cleaners 2472    
Ghawali, Bassam Security Guards 2020    
Ghawali, Dima Office of Finances 2291 D-217a  dghawali@bethlehem.edu 
Ghawali, Ricardo Business and Contracts Unit 2051 E-004  rghawali@bethlehem.edu 
Ghazaleh, Bishara Business and Contracts Unit 2051 E-004  bghazaleh@bethlehem.edu 
Ghrayeb, Issa Business Administration 2459 M-105  ighrayeb@bethlehem.edu 
Giacaman, Salpi Office of Counseling 2481 D-103b  salpig@bethlehem.edu 
Hababeh, Osama English 2473863 Qubeibeh  ohababeh@bethlehem.edu 
Habash, Mary/Claire Library 2268 L-205  marycs@bethlehem.edu 
Habib, Sr. Fida/Virginie Religious Studies 2358 M-405  fhabib@bethlehem.edu 
Halawa, Seham Cleaners 2472    
Halloun, Mo'in 2755160 Br.Vincent C.  moinh@bethlehem.edu 
Hamamreh, Majid Cleaners 2472    
Hammad, Fatima Al-Madany 2202 B-112  fhammad@bethlehem.edu 
Hammad, Mahmud Office of the Dean of Students 2244 D-101b  mhammad@bethlehem.edu 
Hanania, Judy Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning 2431 B-106  jhanania@bethlehem.edu 
Hanania, Michel Dean of Science Office/Chemistry 2206 S-201a  mhanania@bethlehem.edu 
Handal, Alice Paola English 2437 M-305  phandal@bethlehem.edu 
Handal, Elias Palestine Museum of Natural History 2773553 Mar Andrea  ehandal@bethlehem.edu 
Handal, Ghassan Biology 2271 S-111  ghandal@bethlehem.edu 
Handal, Gloria Office of the Vice Chancellor 2220 D-212  gloriah@bethlehem.edu 
Handal, Raed Accounting 2457 M-106  raedh@bethlehem.edu 
Hanna, Majd Office of Finances 2238 D-217e  mhanna@bethlehem.edu 
Hannouneh, Natalie English 2379 M-210  nhannouneh@bethlehem.edu 
Hanouneh, Reem Cytogenetic Services 2061 S-103  rhelal@bethlehem.edu 
Harb, Alia Nursing & Health Sciences 2205 B-005  aharb@bethlehem.edu 
Hasan, Barakat Religious Studies 2414 M-209  bhasan@bethlehem.edu 
Hazboun, Anton Business and Contracts Unit 2243 D-115  antonh@bethlehem.edu 
Hazboun, Elsa Office of the Vice Chancellor 2269 D-212c  ehazboun@bethlehem.edu 
Hazboun, Fr. Louis Institute of Hotel Management & Tourism 2213 D-122  lhazboun@bethlehem.edu 
Hazboun, Hanan Nursing & Health Sciences 2210 B-120  hsaca@bethlehem.edu 
Hazboun, Mike Library 2268/2263 First Floor  mhazboun@bethlehem.edu 
Hazboun, Nader Biology 2004 S-108  nhazboun@bethlehem.edu 
Hazboun, Rania Development Office - Bethlehem 2265 D-213f  rania@bethlehem.edu 
Hazboun, Tareq Security Guards 2020    
Hazboun, Tina Information Technology Services Office 2033 L-005a   
Hazin, Philip Maintenance 2472   phazin@bethlehem.edu 
Hazou, Irene Makhoul Office of the Academic Vice President 2420 D-226b  ihazou@bethlehem.edu 
Hermantas, Peter Institute of Hotel Management & Tourism 2288/2350 D-016  phermantas@bethlehem.edu 
Hilal, Reem Cytogenetic Services ----- -----  *** See Hanouneh, Reem *** 
Hindiyeh, Musa Biotechnology 2280 S-309  musah@bethlehem.edu 
Hinlo, Sr. Corazon Marielou Finance & Accounting Unit 2229 D-217b  chinlo@bethlehem.edu 
Hisnat, Minerva Office of the Assistant VP for Information Technology ----- -----  *** See Abu Mohor, Minerva *** 
Hjazin, Jamil 2743881 MA-410  jhijazin@bethlehem.edu 
Hodali, Jenny Library 2313 L-401  jbaboun@bethlehem.edu 
Hodali, Mary Dean of Business Administration Office 2447 M-108  maryh@bethlehem.edu 
Horoub, Bashar Humanities 2473863 Qubeibeh  bhoroub@bethlehem.edu 
Hosh, Rami Institute of Hotel Management & Tourism 2213 D-122  rhosh@bethlehem.edu 
Hreimi, Raed Athletics ----- -----  *** See Ayyad, Raed *** 
Iorlano, Br. Peter John English/Office of the Vice Chancellor 2451 M-207  piorlano@bethlehem.edu 
Iraki, Naim 2776888 Mar Andrea  niraki@bethlehem.edu 
Ishaq, Rafat Registrar's Office 2235 D-224a  rishaq@bethlehem.edu 
Ishtaiyeh, Muaath Arabic 2299 D-123  mishtaiyeh@bethlehem.edu 
Ismail, Khalil Security Guards 2020    
Issa, Areej Business Administration 2459 M-105  aissa@bethlehem.edu 
Issa, Ferdoos Social Sciences ----- -----  *** See Al-Issa, Ferdoos *** 
Issa, Khalil Arabic 2303 D-201  kissa@bethlehem.edu 
Issa, Omar Biology/Unknown ----- -----  *** See Darissa, Omar *** 
Jaber, Imad English ----- -----  *** See Skakiyya, Imad *** 
Jaber, Mai Office of the Dean of Students 2429 D-101a  mjaber@bethlehem.edu 
Jaber, Muin Education 2030 E-206  muinj@bethlehem.edu 
Jaber, Shadi Social Sciences/Unknown 2298 D-202  sjaber@bethlehem.edu 
Jabrieh, Virgine 2472    
Jahshan, Hana Office of Human Resources 2236 D-110-b  hanaj@bethlehem.edu 
Jaraiseh, Hiba Chemistry 2280 S-210  hjaraiseh@bethlehem.edu 
Jaraysa, Tamara Hereditary Research Laboratory 2380 S-106   
Jaraysah, Minerva Social Sciences 2254 D-204  minervaj@bethlehem.edu 
Jawabra, Naser Humanities 2296 C-201  njawabra@bethlehem.edu 
Jubran, Nihad Office of the Assistant VP for Information Technology 2128 C-214  njubran@bethlehem.edu 
Juha, Elias Institute of Hotel Management & Tourism 2227/2016 D-017  eliasj@bethlehem.edu 
Juha, Juana Library 2263/2267 Second Floor  jjuha@bethlehem.edu 
Jum'a, Khader English 2373 M-309  khaderj@bethlehem.edu 
Juma Juma, Salim Business Administration 2443 M-206  sjuma@bethlehem.edu 
Kalak, Ya'coub Arabic 2253 D-123  ykalak@bethlehem.edu 
Kamal, Lara Hereditary Research Laboratory 2380 S-106  lkamal@bethlehem.edu 
Kana'neh, Omar Social Sciences ----- -----  *** See Kenaneh, Omar *** 
Kanaan, Mo'ien Hereditary Research Laboratory/Biology 2065 S-102A  mkanaan@bethlehem.edu 
Kanan, Khader Security Guards 2020    
Kanan, Mousa Security Guards 2020   mkanan@bethlehem.edu 
Karkour, Hamdi Security Guards 2020    
Kassis, Manal Institute for Community Partnership 2104 ICP-016  manalk@bethlehem.edu 
Kattan, Esperansa Office of the Academic Vice President 2232 D-226d  esperansa@bethlehem.edu 
Kattan, Fadi Accounting/Dean of Business Administration Office 2445 M-110  fkattan@bethlehem.edu 
Kattan, Jeanne (Mary) English 2437 M-305  jkattan@bethlehem.edu 
Kattan, Maher Rushdi Plant Personnel 2467 M-07  kattan@bethlehem.edu 
Kenaneh, Omar Social Sciences 2315 D-119  okenaneh@bethlehem.edu 
Khader, Jamil English/Dean of Research Office 2377 D-220a  jamilk@bethlehem.edu 
Khair, Rola Nursing & Health Sciences 2473863 Qubeibeh  rkhair@bethlehem.edu 
Khair, Saher Executive Vice President Office/Office of the Dean of Students 2340 M-08  skhair@bethlehem.edu 
Khair, Varehan Office of Finances 2238 D-217e  vkhair@bethlehem.edu 
Khalil, Omar Education 2037 E-304  omarm@bethlehem.edu 
Khalilieh, Nisreen Institute for Community Partnership 2109 ICP-012  nisreenk@bethlehem.edu 
Khalilieh, Usama Business Administration 2443 M-206  usamak@bethlehem.edu 
Khamis, Lina Humanities 2356 M-406  lkhamis@bethlehem.edu 
Khanafsa, Doaa Education 2018 E-205  dqurie@bethlehem.edu 
Kharoufeh, Gabi 2020    
Kharoufeh, Munjid Institute for Community Partnership 2743881 MA-202  mkharoufeh@bethlehem.edu 
Kharroub, Jrasmus Chemistry 2277 S-210  jrasmusk@bethlehem.edu 
Khateeb, Muhammad Security Guards 2020   mkhatib@bethlehem.edu 
Khoury, Najwa Finance & Accounting Unit ----- -----  *** See Raheb, Najwa *** 
Khoury, Tanas Chemistry 2286 S-307  tkhoury@bethlehem.edu 
Khoury, William Business Administration 2443 M-206  wkhoury@bethlehem.edu 
Kirmiz, Elias Business and Contracts Unit 2040 E-012  ekirmiz@bethlehem.edu 
Kleibo, Mahdi Institute of Hotel Management & Tourism/Office of the Academic Vice President 2212 D-226a  mkleibo@bethlehem.edu 
Konkar, Haifa Mathematics 2278 S-205  hkuncar@bethlehem.edu 
Koussa, Vera Library 2267 L-306  verak@bethlehem.edu 
Kuncar, Haifa Mathematics ----- -----  *** See Konkar, Haifa *** 
Kuttab, Iskandar Accounting 2450 M-205  ikuttab@bethlehem.edu 
Lafee, Mohammad Bahjat Social Sciences 2315 D-119  mlafi@bethlehem.edu 
Lama, Haifa Alumni Relations, Guest Realtions, and External Relations 2055 C-211  hlama@bethlehem.edu 
Lama, Mikhael Office of the Assistant VP for Information Technology 2285 S-200a  mlama@bethlehem.edu 
Loewenstein, Br. Joseph Development Office - Bethlehem 2237 C-213b  brojoe@bethlehem.edu 
Lubbad, Ayman Nursing & Health Sciences 2473863 Qubeibeh  alubbad@bethlehem.edu 
Maghalseh, Jamileh Nursing & Health Sciences 2010 B-004  jamilehm@bethlehem.edu 
Manoli, George Athletics 2290,2138 C-231  gmanoli@bethlehem.edu 
Manoli, Shireen Nursing & Health Sciences 2205,2477 B-006  smanoli@bethlehem.edu 
Mansour, Gladys Business and Contracts Unit 2341 C-212  gladysm@bethlehem.edu 
Mansour, Mansour Gardeners 2472   mmansour@bethlehem.edu 
Mansour, Nisreen Institute for Community Partnership ----- -----  *** See Khalilieh, Nisreen *** 
Manuel,, Br. Jean Library 2426  jmanuel@bethlehem.edu 
Maqboul, Etaf Nursing & Health Sciences 2209 B-121  etafm@bethlehem.edu 
Maria, George Office of the Assistant VP for Information Technology 2262 L-007  gmaria@bethlehem.edu 
Maria, Laurette Institute of Hotel Management & Tourism ----- -----  *** See Abu Jaber, Laurette *** 
Maroun, Fr. Khalil English 2492 M-208  kmaroun@bethlehem.edu 
Massad, Dina Library 2267 L-306  dmassad@bethlehem.edu 
Matar, Ibrahim Education 2034 E-201  imatar@bethlehem.edu 
Matar, Muna Office of the Academic Vice President 2207 D-226c  mmatar@bethlehem.edu 
Matar, Raed Maintenance 2472   rmatar@bethlehem.edu 
Mattar, Amal Nursing & Health Sciences 2433 B-002  amattar@bethlehem.edu 
McKeon, Br. Mark Office of Human Resources 2309 D-108  mmckeon@bethlehem.edu 
Miz'el, Omar Education 2026 E-204  omizel@bethlehem.edu 
Mombres, Chris/Napoleon English    npelayo@bethlehem.edu 
Moore, Jaqualyn Nursing & Health Sciences 2200 B-113  jmoore@bethlehem.edu 
Morcos, Mary Library ----- -----  *** See Van Teeffelen, Mary *** 
Mourra, Fayez Cleaners 2472    
Mourra, Raphaela English 2372 M-308  rmourra@bethlehem.edu 
Mousa, Omar Education ----- -----  *** See Khalil, Omar *** 
Mousa, Samar Education/Athletics 2142 C-230  samarm@bethlehem.edu 
Mousallam, Hanna Institute of Hotel Management & Tourism 2213 D-122  hmousallam@bethlehem.edu 
Mua'llem, Waleed Office of the Assistant VP for Information Technology 2225 S-200  wodeh@bethlehem.edu 
Mubarak, May Musallam Office of the Academic Vice President 2420 D-226  mmubarak@bethlehem.edu 
Mufdi, Nabil Institute of Hotel Management & Tourism ----- -----  *** See El-Mufdi, Nabil *** 
Mukarker, Elias Business Administration 2458 M-107  emukarker@bethlehem.edu 
Mukarker, Suleiman Security Guards 2020   smukarker@bethlehem.edu 
Mukarker, Sylvia English 2492 M-208  sylviam@bethlehem.edu 
Musallam, Adnan Humanities 2414 M-209  musallam@bethlehem.edu 
Musallam, Gretta English 2379 M-210  gmusallam@bethlehem.edu 
Musallam, Hanna Institute of Hotel Management & Tourism ----- -----  *** See Mousallam, Hanna *** 
Musleh, Abeer Social Sciences 2255 D-202  abeerm@bethlehem.edu 
Musleh, Adlene/Norma English 2366 M-310  normam@bethlehem.edu 
Musleh, Amani Office of the Dean of Students ----- -----  *** See Atrash, Amani *** 
Musleh, Haneen Alumni Relations, Guest Realtions, and External Relations 2059 C-213c  haneenm@bethlehem.edu 
Musleh, Hanna Humanities 2355 M-407  hannam@bethlehem.edu 
Musleh, Huda Education 2043 E-306  hudam@bethlehem.edu 
Musleh, Khader Social Sciences 2253 D-200c  kmusleh@bethlehem.edu 
Musleh, Naila Dean of Arts Office ----- -----  *** See Saed, Naila *** 
Mustafa, Luda Finance & Accounting Unit 2425 D-217  lmustafa@bethlehem.edu 
Mustafa, Walid Humanities 2356 M-406  wmustafa@bethlehem.edu 
Najajrah, Mohammad Palestine Museum of Natural History 2773553 Mar Andrea  mnajajrah@bethlehem.edu 
Najajreh, Jihad Office of the Assistant VP for Information Technology 2342 C-214  jnajajreh@bethlehem.edu 
Najjar, Hazem English 2437 M-305  hnajjar@bethlehem.edu 
Najjar, Omar Arabic 2299 D-123  onajjar@bethlehem.edu 
Nasrallah, Emile 2020    
Nassar, Hala Education 2011 E-102  hnassar@bethlehem.edu 
Nassar, Mai English 2372 M-308  mnassar@bethlehem.edu 
Nassar, Shahinda Development Office - Bethlehem 2381 D-213g  sfarha@bethlehem.edu 
Nasser, Mona Institute of Hotel Management & Tourism 2212 D-122  monan@bethlehem.edu 
Nasser, Nagib Plant Personnel 2248 C-104  nagibn@bethlehem.edu 
Nasser, Nibal Institute for Community Partnership 2101 ICP-012  nnasser@bethlehem.edu 
Nasser, Samer Office of the Assistant VP for Information Technology 2002 S-200e  sam@bethlehem.edu 
Nazzal, Wael Finance & Accounting Unit 2230 D-217  waeln@bethlehem.edu 
Ne'meh, Nawal Registrar's Office 2234 D-224  nnemeh@bethlehem.edu 
Nuaimi, Ibrahim Office of the Assistant VP for Information Technology 2382 S-306b  abe@bethlehem.edu 
Obaidallah, Mirvat Cleaners 2472   mirvato@bethlehem.edu 
Odeh, Mary Biology 2276/2221 S-102B  maryo@bethlehem.edu 
Odeh, Ramzi Humanities 2355 M-407  rodah@bethlehem.edu 
Odeh, Suhail Computer Information Systems 2289 S-06  sodeh@bethlehem.edu 
Omran, Mohammad Security Guards 2741181 Mount David   
Owda, Ahmed Arabic 2299 D-123  aowda@bethlehem.edu 
Qadadha, Maysa Nursing & Health Sciences 2473863 Qubeibeh  mqadadha@bethlehem.edu 
Qaisi, Jamal Cleaners 2472    
Qamar, Christina English ----- -----  *** See Daoud, Christina *** 
Qassis, Firas Gardeners 2743881 Mar Andrea   
Qatato, Mazen Education 2032 E-206  mqatato@bethlehem.edu 
Qneibi, Mohammad Chemistry 2280 S-309  mqneibi@bethlehem.edu 
Qumseya, Jozeph Office of Finances 2239 D-217f  jqumseya@bethlehem.edu 
Qumsieh, Regina English 2379 M-210  reginaq@bethlehem.edu 
Qumsiyeh, Mazin Biotechnology/Cytogenetic Services 2061/2773553 S-103  mazinq@bethlehem.edu 
Qumsiyeh, Nubogh Mathematics ----- -----  *** See Al-Atrash, Nubogh *** 
Rabadi, Moussa Institute for Community Partnership 2111 ICP-011  mrabadi@bethlehem.edu 
Rabee, Muntaha Business Administration 2473863 Qubeibeh  mrabee@bethlehem.edu 
Rabie, Huwaida Mathematics 2282 S-202  hrabie@bethlehem.edu 
Radi, Ameen Institute of Hotel Management & Tourism 2288 HM  aradi@bethlehem.edu 
Radi, Imad Security Guards 2020   iradi@bethlehem.edu 
Radi, Muhammad Security Guards 2743881 Mar Andrea  mradi@bethlehem.edu 
Rafeedie, Wisam Social Sciences 2253 D-200b  wisamr@bethlehem.edu 
Raheb, Najwa Finance & Accounting Unit 2424 D-217d  nraheb@bethlehem.edu 
Rahhal, Rahhal Business Administration 2443 M-206  rrahhal@bethlehem.edu 
Ramadan, Maysoun Institute for Community Partnership - Sub Contract 2743881 MA-404  mramadan@bethlehem.edu 
Rashed, Hala Dean of Education Office/Education 2204 E-301A  halay@bethlehem.edu 
Rishmawi, George Communications Office 2421 D-213b  grishmawi@bethlehem.edu 
Rock, Iyad Accounting 2450 M-205  irock@bethlehem.edu 
Rock, Michel Religious Studies 2338 M-412  mrock@bethlehem.edu 
Rock, Rana Finance & Accounting Unit 2003 D-121  rrock@bethlehem.edu 
Rock, Valerie Library 2268 L-205  vrock@bethlehem.edu 
Rumman, Ghada Athletics 2290 C-121  grumman@bethlehem.edu 
Saadeh, Raed Institute of Hotel Management & Tourism     
Sabat, George Chemistry 2280 S-309  gsabat@bethlehem.edu 
Sabat, Samar Humanities 2379 M-209  ssabat@bethlehem.edu 
Sabella, Rami Business Administration ----- **Study Leave**  rsabella@bethlehem.edu 
Sabri, Lubaba Education 2031 E-201  lsabri@bethlehem.edu 
Sader, Maha Education 2042 E-306  msader@bethlehem.edu 
Saed, Naila Dean of Arts Office 2360 M-408  nailam@bethlehem.edu 
Sahhar, Isaac Development Office - Bethlehem 2222 D-213c  isahhar@bethlehem.edu 
Salah Al-Diyn, Wail Chemistry    wdiyn@bethlehem.edu 
Salameh, Bilal Social Sciences 2251 D-200a  bsalameh@bethlehem.edu 
Salameh, Ibrahim Institute of Hotel Management & Tourism 2213 D-122  isalameh@bethlehem.edu 
Salim, Ibrahim Institute of Hotel Management & Tourism ----- -----  *** See Asakra, Ibrahim *** 
Salman, Fouad Arabic 2299 D-123  fsalman@bethlehem.edu 
Salman, Suzi Nursing & Health Sciences 2203 B-115  ssalman@bethlehem.edu 
Salsa', Sana' Library 2263 Ground Floor  ssalsa@bethlehem.edu 
Samara, Maha Biology 2473863 Qubeibeh  msamara@bethlehem.edu 
Samara, Maysa Nursing & Health Sciences ----- -----  *** See Qadadha, Maysa *** 
Sammour, Elia Business and Contracts Unit 2247 D-217c  esammour@bethlehem.edu 
Sansour, Roy Finance & Accounting Unit 2327 D-121  rsansour@bethlehem.edu 
Sansur, Michael Executive Vice President Office 2220 D-212b  msansur@bethlehem.edu 
Sarras, Elias Business and Contracts Unit 2243 D-115   
Sha'lan, Ali Security Guards 2741181 Mount David   
Shaer, Jeries Maintenance 2472   jeriess@bethlehem.edu 
Shaheen, Norma Registrar's Office 2219 D-224  norma@bethlehem.edu 
Shahin, Ghassan Physics 2289 S-04  ghassans@bethlehem.edu 
Shahin, Hashem Biology 2056 S-108  hshahin@bethlehem.edu 
Shahin, Shada English 2373 M-309  sshahin@bethlehem.edu 
Sharif, Ghazi Security Guards 2020   gsharif@bethlehem.edu 
Shatarah, Sima 2102 ICP-010  sshatarah@bethlehem.edu 
Shokeh, Khalil Institute of Hotel Management & Tourism 2212 D-122  kshokeh@bethlehem.edu 
Shomali, Fr. Ibrahim Religious Studies 2414 M-209  ishomali@bethlehem.edu 
Shomali, Nawal Education 2011 E-102  nshomali@bethlehem.edu 
Shomali, Qustandi Arabic 2259 D-201  qshomali@bethlehem.edu 
Shomali, Sawsan English 2372 M-308  sshomali@bethlehem.edu 
Shomaly, Walid Chemistry 2277 S-210  wshomaly@bethlehem.edu 
Shqirat, Adnan Biology 2007 S-108  ashqueir@bethlehem.edu 
Shqueir, Adnan Biology ----- -----  *** See Shqirat, Adnan *** 
Skakiyya, Imad English 2373 M-309  ijaber@bethlehem.edu 
Sleibi, Francis Office of the Assistant VP for Information Technology 2129 C-214  fsleibi@bethlehem.edu 
Sleibi, Rizek Dean of Education Office 2043 E-314  rsleibi@bethlehem.edu 
Sleibi, Yacoub ----- **Study Leave**  ysleibi@bethlehem.edu 
Smith, Br. Dominic Development Office - North America 2025266097 N. America  dsmith@bethlehem.edu 
Soudah, Hanadi Dean of Arts Office/English ----- -----  *** See Younan, Hanadi *** 
Srour, Samia Education 2388 E-301  samias@bethlehem.edu 
Talbishi, Ibrahim Nursing & Health Sciences 2473863 Qubeibeh  italbishi@bethlehem.edu 
Tamish, Rabab Education 2038 E-304  rababt@bethlehem.edu 
Tanas, Haneen Institute for Community Partnership - Sub Contract 2432 D-217  htanas@bethlehem.edu 
Tanas, Michael Business Administration 2460 M-105  mtanas@bethlehem.edu 
Thalgieh, Amal Cleaners 2472   amalt@bethlehem.edu 
Thalgieh, Irene Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning/Cardinal Martini Leadership Institute 2453 B-111  ithalgieh@bethlehem.edu 
Thawabteh, Roa'a Hereditary Research Laboratory 2061 S-106  rthawabteh@bethlehem.edu 
Toubassi, Nataly Education 2039 E-305  natalyt@bethlehem.edu 
Tuohy, Br. Stephen Development Office - Bethlehem 2265 D-213d  stuohy@bethlehem.edu 
Twal, Fr. Iyad Religious Studies 2358 M-405  itwal@bethlehem.edu 
Van Teeffelen, Mary Library 2428 L-206  mmorcos@bethlehem.edu 
Velez, Marie English 2379 M-210  mvelez@bethlehem.edu 
Wahdain, Rabah Arabic 2299 D-123  rabahw@bethlehem.edu 
Wahhab, Husam Accounting 2450 M-205  husamw@bethlehem.edu 
Wermter, Jonah Development Office - Bethlehem 2485 D-213  infodeutsc@bethlehem.edu 
Wolfang, Zane English 2469 C-213d  zwolfang@bethlehem.edu 
Yacoub, Sr. Mary Nursing & Health Sciences 2210 B-120  myacoub@bethlehem.edu 
Yamani, Hala Dean of Education Office/Education ----- -----  *** See Rashed, Hala *** 
Younan, Hanadi Dean of Arts Office/English 2452 M-306  hyounan@bethlehem.edu 
Younan, Margaret Education 2008 E-102   
Yousef, Iyad Athletics 2290 C-118  iyady@bethlehem.edu 
Yousef, Khader Security Guards 2020    
Zaben, Fadi Nursing & Health Sciences 2473863 Qubeibeh  fzaben@bethlehem.edu 
Zahda, Fouad Biotechnology 2280 S-309  fzahda@bethlehem.edu 
Zahdeh, Hind Office of Counseling 2482  hzahdeh@bethlehem.edu 
Zaknoun, Christian 2743881 Mar Andrea  czaknoun@bethlehem.edu 
Zaknoun, Yousef Office of the Vice Chancellor 2274 B-111  yousefz@bethlehem.edu 
Zambile, Rene Institute of Hotel Management & Tourism 2213 D-122  rzambile@bethlehem.edu 
Zawahra, Mohammad Social Sciences 2315 D-119  mzawahra@bethlehem.edu 
Zeidan, Louba 2100 ICP-014  lzeidan@bethlehem.edu 
Zeitoun, Manal Finance & Accounting Unit 2228 D-217  mzeitoun@bethlehem.edu 
Zeitoun, Reem Chemistry 2284 S-308  rzeitoun@bethlehem.edu 
Zelfo, Joseph Security Guards 2020   jzelfo@bethlehem.edu 
Zoghbi, Wasim Institutional Research Unit 2461 M-09  waseemz@bethlehem.edu 
Zoughbi, Mirna Library 2263 Ground Floor  mzoughbi@bethlehem.edu 
Zughayer, Sireen Institute for Community Partnership - Sub Contract 2103 ICP-012  sireenz@bethlehem.edu